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Services Provided

At SMI AutoBrokers, we thrive to be the best automotive concierge service and the services offered to our clients are to maximize their satisfaction and experience.  All services are customized and client specific which adds our special touch to making your experience positive and unique.

Global Search & Location of Rare & Exotic Cars*

At SMI AutoBrokers, we always state, “It is the challenge of the hunt that is what this company was founded on”.  We close the gap between client and seller by tapping into our local or global inventory to find your unique request.  With our experience, we will chase and hunt down your most unique request until we are successful.

Auction Representation* 

Whether you are purchasing or selling you collector car or cars, we eliminate the hassle and worry of going to the auctions.  Auctions can be not only a lot of pressure of making an emotional split decision but also you will have to consult an auction repetitive which not always benefits the seller.  We at SMI AutoBrokers, offer Auction Representation to eliminate this problem and with our vast experience, we structure the sale through specific auctions customized to your car or cars. 

Maximum Resale through Preparation & Global Marketing*

As your Consignee, we provide a full concierge service that will take the necessary detailed steps to ensure a successful launch and sale of your automobile.  Marketing your vehicle is crucial in winning the top bid. This is why we perform market pricing research prior to launching the car into our virtual inventory. Our tailored and comprehensive global marketing ensures maximum results by extending advertisement to our virtual clientele in the US and internationally.

Interior & Exterior Restoration Facility Referral Service*

The most important point in owning a collector car is the quality of the restoration work.  Our concierge services extend in monitoring and managing the restoration process from beginning to delivery.  At SMI AutoBrokers, we take great interest in the facility that we recommend to complete your restorations.  All restoration facilities in our preferred recommendation list have gone through rigorous background checks along with past client interviews and product inspections.  We complete this process to provide our client with the best end result.

Overall Interior/Exterior Condition Consultation*

We tailor our interior and exterior consultations for all clients’ cars and make recommendations to get your vehicle ready for an upcoming show, concourse or a fund raising charity event.  All collectors and rare car owners share the same foundation in regard to their cars’ condition; it has to be “perfect”. Perfection is what we have in mind during this consultation. 

Concourse-grade Detailing & Show Preparation*

As your concierge service provider, we insist on top quality products to be used on your vehicle by the detail facility we recommend.  This step is very important to get the best detailed cleaning and to get you that much closer to the winners circle.  

Transport Service Assistance *

In today’s busy world, saving our clients time by eliminating travel is one benefit to this service.  As your concierge, we will assist in setting up the pick up and delivery of the automobile to eliminate the stress of travel and maximize your free time.

Prices Provided Upon Request*